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Amy Polling in “Bodega De Posthoorn”

8 februari 20143 minute read

Wassenaar – Vanaf 1 maart tot 3 mei 2014, exposeert de Wassenaarse kunstenares; Amy Polling, haar kleurrijke schilderijen collectie in “Bodega De Posthoorn” op het Lange Voorhout 39A te Den Haag. De Vernissage/Opening van de expositie vindt plaats op zaterdag 1 maart, van 17.00-20.00 uur, met swingende live jazz.

Through history, “La Colombe d’Or” in Saint-Paul de Vence, and “Café de Flore”in Paris, have always played a meaningful & important role for artists like Fernand Leger, Marc Chagall, Picasso, Braque etc. in France; in the Netherlands, there is bohemian “Bodega De Posthoorn” in The Hague…


“My Life of Extremes; I paint the life’s of “Clochards & Royalty”…

Born in San Francisco, California, out of a Dutch traditional artistic family, Amy Polling has also French blood running through her veins! She lived in various countries in the world and considers herself as an “European citizen with an American Topping”. She gets her inspiration from her own life experiences and through her early travels around the world, where she came in contact with people from all sorts of backgrounds & cultures; the Bedouin, Clochards & Royalty.

Amy feels especially drawn to people with a tremendous Passion for Life and who possess a charismatic enlightenment; “the Bohemian” and “the Elite”, such as, Musicians, Dancers, Pierrot’s…people, who have experienced “Life” from all corners and yet kept “grounded” with their “being” and who still dare to dream. In her paintings there is a strong influence of her theatrical background: a sense of Drama, Poetry and Music. She paints Masculine with Passion, and Feminine with Sensuality, Serenity and Mystique..

After her 5 year’s studies at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands, Amy “eloped” to Paris to start a career as a Fashion Designer for “Promostyl International” and “Sonia Rykiel”. Also, she has worked as a Theatrical Costume Designer in major Musical and Opera Productions for a number of years. Her creative abilities in Theatre always took her to many different countries. Although, Amy has been painting all her life, it is since 2006, that she followed her heart and changed a successful career, for the career of a Professional Fine Artist; with an unique and recognizable style and oeuvre.

“I believe that Art can put down many borders & bridges, and reach beyond horizons; bring all cultures back together in Peace & Harmony…and, reach out to the hearts of all people”..

*Amy has exhibited her work in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Monaco, Italy, Dubai and the US.

Also, does Amy work on commission and has a private clientèle as well as does she work on assignments for banks and company’s.

To already get a taste of Amy’s work:


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