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The Bard in the Park – Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits

31 augustus 20202 minute read

COVID-19 does not stop at Shakespeare. Despite lots of hurdles STET The English Theatre proudly presents their open-air Shakespeare programme once again in the beautiful park of Raadhuis de Paauw in Wassenaar.

This yearly event attracts Shakespeare lovers from all over the Netherlands. However this year it took some hard work to make it happen. As from 2016 the British open-air theatre company Illyria performed their hilarious and fast Shakespeare productions in the STET programme. Unfortunately due to the Corona developments Illyria decided against performing this year.

STET found a new partner in the young performing arts company The Handlebards performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Unfortunately corona caught up with the programme once again, so Tom Dello, the new artistic leader of STET had to find an alternative company.
William Sutton to perform a Shakespeare Karaoke

Tom contacted Amsterdam based Shakespearean actor and scholar William Sutton to develop with STET a Shakespeare programme in the open-air. William and his team will join audiences in Wassenaar with a very special SHAOKE. Audience members will be invited to – totally voluntarily – join William on stage and bring the several characters from Shakespeare’s works to life. It will be a fun and exciting journey touching upon Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits. The distinction between actors and audiences will be crossed and laughter is guaranteed. Of course all corona measures will be respected and a safe distance between the performers them selves and the audience will be safeguarded.

The performances will go on, come rain or shine. Foodtruck Kaas en Worst provides drinks and snacks, whilst Rainbow Corner Books has a stand with English childrens’ books. Get out your picnic hampers and enjoy theatre, nature and food in a joint – corona proof – feast.

Raadhuis de Paauw
Raadhuislaan 22, 2242 CP Wassenaar
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