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Letter of mayor Leendert de Lange

24 december 20202 minute read

Dear resident of Wassenaar,
It is not customary for the mayor to send you a letter at Christmas, but over the past year, you and I have had to live in unusual times. The Festive season really is a good time to reflect on this. To look back at what came to pass and of course to look ahead.

It really is exceptional what has happened to us. Our Wassenaar community, too, has been affected by the corona virus, and so many families will have to miss a loved one at Christmas this year. Fortunately, a vaccine seems to be on the cards, and we see much solidarity and resilience in our society. I invite
you all to look forward to that as we approach the New Year.

Thank you
With this letter, I would very much like to thank you on behalf of the aldermen and the members of the municipal council of Wassenaar. For your contributions in fighting the virus this past year. With respect for our youth who persevere. Respect for all our residents who have been forced to live in a small environment. Respect for all those volunteers who continue to dedicate themselves and their time.

I truly understand that it is not always easy to adhere to the rules and restrictions. But we are doing this for each other and for ourselves: to make sure that the infection rates decrease, that our loved ones don’t get sick, that our healthcare system doesn’t come to a standstill and that hopefully, we can meet-up
again in the new year in Wassenaar’s’ restaurants and cafés.

#aandachtvoorelkaar (#takecareofeachother)
I would like to make an appeal to you; please continue to look out for each other and support our local entrepreneurs. As Wassenaarders, please keep helping each other and lead by example: be wise. The Christmas and New Year’s celebrations will be small this year, and at a meter and a half distance.

Please think about where will stand next year: close together again and that we will be able to embrace those that we love. The first signs for the year 2021 give us hope and show us that we will overcome this difficult period. And with that prospect, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2021!

Kind regards,

Mayor Leendert de Lange


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