vrijdag 17 september 2021

N Nieuws

Would you like to participate in the inhabitants survey of the municipality of Wassenaar?

What do you think of your municipality? What is okay and what could be better? This is to be found out by the municipality of Wassenaar in an inhabitants survey. Not only inhabitants, but entrepreneurs too will be invited to participate in this survey. The inhabitants survey is part of the country-wide project 'Waarstaatjegemeente.nl'.

What will be surveyed?
4000 arbitrarily selected inhabitants will this week receive an invitation to take part in the survey about the (digital) municipal service, their residential and living area and welfare and care in their municipality. Entrepreneurs too will be asked about the provision of services, the economic management and business climate. We have also included a couple of questions concerning the corona crisis.

Survey in the English language
You have not received a personal invitation and you want to participate anyway? You can! Go to www.wassenaar.nl/burgerpeiling. The questionaire is available in the English language via this website.
The inhabitants survey is a digital questionaire. You can fill this in up to and inclusive of Friday 2 October 2020. Your participation in this inquiry will enable the municipality to get the opinion of inhabitants and entrepreneurs about the tasks they perform.

The inquiry is a benchmark, which makes it possible to compare the results with other municipalities (for instance of the same size) in the Netherlands. The results will be available on www.wassenaar.nl. The figures will also be available on www.waarstaatjegemeente.nl