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"Men of the Docks," a 1912 George Bellows oil painting

Online lecture ‘Masters of America from Copley to Bellows’ on Tuesday April 13

6 april 20212 minute read

The lecture introduces the American art of the early modern period through the work of its leading masters. We trace the interaction between American and European art worlds during a period of dynamic change – including the colonial period, the exploration of the western territories and the Civil War. Finally, we see the growth of a new centre for art: from a place at the periphery of the European art world America would develop a rich and sophisticated art scene by the end of the 19th century. In the course of this survey we look at the work of some of America’s leading artists: including John Singleton Copley, Frederic Edwin Church, Mary Cassatt and George Bellows.

Dr. Kathy McLauchlan is a lecturer specialising in 19th-century art history and a graduate of Oxford University and the Courtauld Institute. She is currently a course director at the Victoria & Albert Museum, organising courses and study days on the history of art and design. She also teaches at several institutions, including Art Pursuits.

To register for the online lecture go to https://theartssociety.org/the-hague Please note that you have to register before Monday April 13 2021. The lecture starts at 20.00 pm. Fee (non-members): € 13,-. A membership (8 lectures and other activities) is € 65,- per year and € 120,- for a couple. A half-year membership (4 lectures and other activities) is € 32,50 per year and € 60,- for a couple.

[Caption] “Men of the Docks,” a 1912 George Bellows oil painting.


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