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Taxicentrale Eltax now one of the main sponsors of ABF Wassenaar

7 juni 202159 second read

As of June 1st, Taxicentrale Eltax is the main sponsor of the International Sports club ABF Wassenaar. Just before the summer, the baseball season starts again, so we are just in time with our sponsorship, One of the promotional gestures that ABF has kindly provided is a billboard of Taxicentrale Eltax displayed along the A44.

ABF Wassenaar is a sports club associated with the American School in Wassenaar. The main sports are Baseball and Soccer. ABF Wassenaar only has youth teams. Everyone can become a member of ABF.

I first came into contact with ABF because my sons went there to play baseball even though they did not attend the American School.
Taxicentrale Eltax has created a coupon code especially for ABF so that its members can make use of an attractive discount for a taxi from Wassenaar to, for example, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Eltax is the only taxi company in this area, in addition to regular taxis, four Teslas. These can be booked via or via +31715212144.

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