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A theatre expedition in a historical setting

30 juni 20212 minute read

STET The English Theatre presents a day filled with theatre, dance and music in the historical gardens of the Hof van Wouw on the 4th of July. With shows by local and international makers Joanna Lucas, Robin Nimanong, Raphael Rodan and Mushroom Mosis.

STET’s Greenhouse is a place for performers to grow. This year you get to see a modern Antigone monologue by British actress Joanna Lucas, a ladyboy burlesque one-man show by dancer Robin Nimanong, storytelling by Raphael Rodan (founder of Mezrab Storytelling School Amsterdam) and a musical performance by The Hagues own Mushroom Mosis.

The event originated as an answer to the Covid pandemic during the summer of 2020. “To discover new theatre in a special, outdoor location. Like a mini festival, without the crowds but with surprising acts in a personal setting”, says STET’s artistic director Tom Dello. This year, the second edition of STET’s Greenhouse
takes place.

STET was founded in 2006 to offer theatre shows to an international audience in The Hague. The programme consisted for a long time of British theatre groups and Shakespeare, “however”, Tom tells us, “there is a shift in focus; we want to offer more diverse and engaged theatre shows as well. STET’s Greenhouse was also created to showcase new makers that we think you should keep an eye on: makers creating engaged work, taking new directions.”


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