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Fall Folliage & GreenWoods Romantic Hubertus Autumn Fest

19 september 20212 minute read

Join these convivial Sundays, enjoying the romantic culture of hunting music, horses and hunting culture.

We gather at GreenWoods Stud. After the guests are divided into 2 traditionaal carriages, drawn by draft horses from the Ardennes and Austria, a romantic tour through Wassenaar in autumn colors will start towards the ‘Hertenhuisje’ on the Backershagen estate.

Here is a short stop where there is an opportunity for a drink. After the stop we drive back to the Stud where we listen to one of the largest dance organs in the Netherlands and where on some days various activities related to the hunt are shown, such as a concert by the hunting horn players from GreenWoods Stud.

After this, the guests will be welcomed in autumn atmosphere, in the hunting room with wood fire, hunting music, warm mulled wine, hot chocolate etc.

Dress yourself warmly and in country style and participate in the autumn atmosphere in the Hunting and Tack rooms of GreenWoods Stud. This is the sixth year that the public can participate. GreenWoods is popular amongst the Wassenaar and The Hague expat community.

Autumn Fest on Sunday 03,10,17 and 24 October at 14:00 to about 16:30. €15,00/20,00

Information: Tickets


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