dinsdag 27 september 2022

N Nieuws

No more butts, clean the street!

On Saturday 10 July, The Wassenaarse Bermbrigade (litter pickup group) participates in the nationwide cigarette butt cleanup activity, #PlasticPeukMeuk2021. We meet at the smoke-free grounds of the town’s Rabobank at 10:00. From there participants spread out over the entire town centre and the harbour to pick up discarded cigarette filters and clean up the streets. You can already join the #PlasticPeukMeuk activity now by starting in your own neighbourhood. Bring your haul to our meeting place at the Rabobank on 10 July between 12:00 and 12:30.

It is a little known fact that cigarette filters contain plastic. This campaign aims to inform the public about the quantity of plastic from cigarette ends that pollutes our sewers and waterways every year. Our clean-up activities have shown that cigarette butts don’t just end on the street and line vegetation borders, but slip into our sewer systems through drain holes. It is estimated that one discarded filter pollutes 10 liters of water!

The goal of this activity is not just to clean the streets, but to heighten awareness among smokers of the effect of improper disposal of cigarette butts on the environment. We hope this way smokers will make smarter decisions.

For more information, visit our Facebook page, Wassenaarse Bermbrigade, or send a message to the Bermbrigade (06-51359334)