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GroenLinks Wassenaar: more than (ugly) green jackets

4 maart 20222 minute read

You might have been wondering while walking through our shopping streets: has Wassenaar all of a sudden embraced the carnival tradition? No, it hasn’t. We are in the midst of campaigning for our municipal elections. That means, amongst other things, you will see people in colorful jackets roaming our streets trying to catch your attention. To broadcast they are the best.

GroenLinks Wassenaar duly obliges to tradition and we put our (rather ugly) green campaigning jackets on. To add to your confusion, our jackets happen to have the same green color as those of at least one other party in the midst of campaigning.

So, why would you try to make sense out of any of this and cast your vote in our local elections? Because your vote matters! Every vote counts in a strong local democracy. If you have received your voting papers (your “stempas”) last week, you are entitled to vote locally. Your local voting right does not impact any voting rights elsewhere. For neutral information on our elections, see the municipal website:

We are not neutral. We are the greenest party in Wassenaar. Who are we, beyond our (ugly) green jackets? For 25 years, we are locally committed to nature protection, animal welfare and fair representation of all residents in Wassenaar. In our video, which is also available with English subtitles, we share our wishes for Wassenaar with you (see:

Marcel (candidate #6) shares our wish that everyone can enjoy cycling to school, work, and sports on safe bike paths. Eefje (#5) shares our wish that everyone’s voice is heard, regardless of age, gender, background, and ideals. Suzan (#4) shares our wish that no one is excluded and we take care of each other. Susanne (#3) and 16-year-old Isabel (#8) share our wish that we build a sustainable world together, one step at a time. Aart (#2) shares our wish that we help each other towards a fossil free future. Sonja (#1) summarizes our wishes. We believe in a green and vibrant Wassenaar, in which we protect our nature and support our local businesses, by shopping locally.

We would love to hear your wishes and your ideas on nature protection, social inclusion and a green and vibrant future! Email us at:

Photo: GroenLinks Wassenaar candidate councilors # 1 to 6 at the bicycle lights parade



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