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International Wassenaarders: Thank you for your vote, now is time to walk the talk!

13 juni 20222 minute read

As you know, last March we had local elections where the VVD ended again as the largest party in Wassenaar, therefore responsible to form a stable political coalition aiming at the future of our great village.

Many of you (EU citizens and citizens from non-EU countries) made use of your democratic right to vote for different reasons. Perhaps you want to keep our pleasant living environment, its welfare, and the services, such as international education or sports. Maybe you voted because you want to be more involved in our community or perhaps because you want to contribute in our transition to a sustainable future!

Anyway, all of you contributed because you really like Wassenaar. Our Internationals stay in our village more time than average and some of them make a very important decision for their lives: They don’t go, they stay.

We invite you to embark on a series of conversations to talk about you and Wassenaar with the goal of increasing your participation in the community by making you feel welcome and by meeting your needs on different fronts, such as the socio-economical, educational, services, etc.

We will bring the outcome of these conversations as serious input for us as party and to a more practical level at the Local Council, where the perspective and needs of these Internationals will be taken into consideration for the development and implementation of policy for the next years to come.

We invite you to participate in these conversations. We want to get a good idea of your perspectives and your needs!

We, at the Wassenaarse VVD, understand your needs and willingness to contribute to unleash your real potential as Internationals in our great village.

We are committed to (International) diversity, inclusion, and participation.

Eduardo Islas

Team International Wassenaarders

If you are interested, please send a message

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