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Exams at Taekwondo Koryo in Wassenaar

5 juli 202254 second read

Last Monday some of our pupils did their exams successfully.

Karyna and Arion passed for their yellow stripe. Leo and Aaron got their yellow belt and Euan and Uffe received their green stripe. Nara, Oliver and Scarlett passed for their green belt and Kelly and Kayla earned their red stripe.

Taekwondo is originally a Korean martial art and an Olympic sport. During the lessons, the students learn arm and leg techniques, sparring and self-defence exercises are done.

In Wassenaar we train with master Mazdak in the gym of the St. Bonifacius school. Taekwondo Koryo has been awarded as the best taekwondo club of the The Hague region by the municipality of The Hague, has been the number one club in the Netherlands for years and is one of the top European clubs.

Would you also like to take a free trial lesson? Feel free to come to Kloosterland 5. After the Summer holidays from August 22 on, we train again every Monday from 16:30 pm to 18:00 pm.

More information?

Free trial lesson? Please email or call 06-27113188.


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