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Join and Collect butts on saturday 6 july

Wassenaarse Bermbrigade
4 juli 20242 minute read

Will you also come and collect butts on Saturday morning 6 July to draw attention to this form of plastic pollution?

The Plastic Peuken Collectief is organizing a major cigarette butt cleanup campaign for the fourth year this year: #PlasticPeukMeuk2024 On July 6, 2024, people will take to the streets in about 60 places to pick up butts, the Bermbrigade will also participate in this action in Wassenaar. We gather at 10 o’clock in the village at the Luigfelbaan and then split up to make the entire center and the area near the Haven butt-free. You can also participate in this #PlasticPeukMeuk action in your own neighborhood from now on. Would you like to bring the proceeds to our collection point at Luifelbaan on  July 6 between 10.00 and 11.00?

It is hardly known that cigarette filters contain plastic. With this campaign we make the Dutch aware of the enormous amount of toxic plastic that ends up on our streets and waterways via cigarette butts. Smokers have a right to this information, so that they can make an informed choice. In this way we change the social acceptance of throwing butts on the ground and create broad social support for effective policy-making

For more information, see the Facebook page of the Bermbrigade or send a message to the Bermbrigade (06-51359334)


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