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D66 launches English brochure for expats

14 maart 20142 minute read

Wassenaar – As of last Saturday Bagel Alley in Wassenaar is willing to promote the English text campaign flyer of D66 for the upcoming Municipality Council election on March 19th. Earlier Kelly’s Expat Shopping agreed to have this text available for their customers – on a voluntary base of course; so D66 reaches out to the local expat community in order to try to gain their interests to exercise their democratic right to vote.

A large part of the population in Wassenaar doesn’t have the Dutch nationality, the “expat” community. Some of those, such as embassy personnel, only stay for a few years; others however spend many years here. Citizens of member states of the EU have the right to vote for local elections. Nationals from non EU member states are eligible to vote after a legitimate stay in the Netherlands of minimal 5 years.

D66 wants to include the expat community in local policy making; any measures relating to traffic management, safety & security, education, shopping etc. affect them as much as anyone else. It is for this reason that on March 1, local party leader Eva van Rijen-Kernkamp handed over an English language summary of the election programme to Mrs. Bonnie Clapp; well known in the expat community. The location, fittingly, was Kelly’s expat shopping at the Luifelbaan 50 in Wassenaar. You can find this summary at under “publicaties”.


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