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Open air theatre Midsummer Night’s Dream – at Raadhuis De Paauw

31 augustus 20222 minute read

Five couples – three human, one fairy, and one mythical – find their relationships sorely tested, intimately probed and indecently exposed when a troupe of amateur theatricals bumble into the forest to rehearse a play. Shakespeare’s timeless comic masterpiece explores every colour in the spectrum of love, from arranged marriage to elopement, from infatuation to hatred, from chivalric devotion to raw sex. Add a heady brew of confusion, magic and mischief to this bawdy mix, and you have the most perfectly frothy comedy for a moonlit summer evening.

Illyria’s productions are slick, physical and imaginative in execution. They are played with characteristic briskness – Shakespeare was, after all, unequivocal about how long his plays take to perform. Find more information about Illyria and their past performances on their website. Each play is inspired by performance techniques of Elizabethan touring troupes, such as live music and song, inclusion of the audience in the proceedings, contemporary references and robustness of style.

Please feel free to bring a hamper full of sandwiches, tea and snacks to have your own picnic during the show. Doors will open at 17:30 to allow time to have a picnic before

The show goes on…
Rain or shine the show will go on so we advise all visitors to bring practical clothing and waterproofs just in case. Umbrellas are not allowed.

When & where

Raadhuis De Paauw – Wassenaar

-Thursday 8 September 2022 19.30 (doors open 17.30)
-Friday 9 September 2022 19.30 (doors open 17.30)
2.5 hours (including intermission)

Tickets and more info:



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