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The Chess club in Wassenaar

17 oktober 20222 minute read

Wassenaar boasts an active Chess Club (the SV – Schaakvereniging – Wassenaar). The club was formed in 1915 and has an interesting and prestigious history. 
Club evenings take place every Monday in the Deijlerhuis (Hofcampweg), starting at 7.45 pm. At these club evenings matches are being played between the members for their annual club ranking (clock time allotted is 1:30 Hr per player). 

Moreover, the Club organizes from time to time special internal Rapid Chess sessions, at the beginning of the season (early September) the reigning annual club champion plays a simultaneous match against club members and other players interested, the club regularly organizes training sessions and every now and then there are internal fun competitions. 

With a team of eight players the Club takes part in the Regional League Competition matches of the Hague Chess Union. Also, there is the Open Wassenaar Chess Championship, starting this year on Monday October 24. This Open Championship is played over seven rounds, one match on a Monday evening per month from October 2022 until April 2023. In addition to a good number of club members, participants usually are good players from within the region. Participation is free and the prize for the winner is 100 Euro! So, if you feel up for it, why not participate!

Information about the Chess Club and its events can be found on the Club’s website www.schaakclub-wassenaar.nl This website is in the Dutch language. If that would cause a problem, it would be best for you to just come and pay us a visit in the Deijlerhuis on a Monday evening. Most club players do speak English and will be pleased to help. So, just walk in and feel free to join us for a game of chess!

Further information may also be obtained by sending an email to the president of the club at ja.beijersbergen@kpnmail.nl.


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